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Lifecycle Services Model recreates, promotes and adapts the leadership skills of the guest in their personal lives. Utilizing the guest’s empowerment capacity as a central feature, it follows through the key areas of strengths that will enable the guest to excel in his/her day to day professional and personal life.

The Bio psychosocial (BPS) model addresses the complex interaction between the biological, psychological, and social aspects of mental health and substance use, inclusive of the spiritual development without a denominational aspect.


Detailed Information on all treatment programs to individual, family, employer groups or insurance provider.


The assessment process includes information provided by the guest, family members, referring source, physician, employer and peers.


  • Brief intervention.
  • Early intervention.
  • Family intervention.


  • One to One counselling.
  • Group counselling.
  • Nutrition counselling to achieve physical and emotional balance.
  • Leisure counselling and learning “How to Laugh”
  • Anger management to deal with anger in a healthy manner.
  • Physical therapy and recreation.

Family and Significant Others Services:

  • vening group for parents, siblings, and significant others of actual or potential guests.
  • Co-dependent parents, significant others of actual or potential guest.


At times the person you are concerned about is not yet ready to accept help. We offer programs that will support and assist you.

  • Home outreach to families where substance use may be an issue.
  • Individual, family, and couples counselling.
  • Employer outreach.


At times the person you are concerned about is not yet ready to accept help. We offer programs that will support and assist you.

  • Planned strategies for preventing post-discharge relapse.
  • Family reconnection to post-discharge integration.
  • Return to work readiness, including working with the employer.
  • Peer Support Volunteer assists the guest with the post program supports.


Information: We at Kelburn Retreat want to work with you NOT to provide a temporary break from your substance use, but to ensure you are healing from the underlying issues. This is achieved through time and continued connection as part of the Kelburn Retreat family:

  • Kelburn Retreat post recovery management support groups.
  • Alumni are welcomed to return for counselling when recovery is comprised
  • Training to become a Peer Support volunteer.
  • Seminars on dealing with the varied aspects of life, work, family and community.
  • Guest speaker Series Workshops.
  • Annual alumni and family evenings of celebration.
  • Annual alumni golf events.
  • Annual alumni driven conference on health and healthy living.


Kelburn Retreat residential, day, evening and weekend recovery programs for the professional adult male and female experiencing gambling, drug, and / or alcohol use and mental health related issues. The programs are based on the most current understandings of the nature of substance use on the brain, Brain Trauma and Co-occurring disorders and their management.

Kelburn Retreat’s residential and compliment group of programs aim to achieve a sustained recovery-oriented systems of care.

Kelburn Retreat focuses on recovery maintenance from the initial contact to the re-integration of family, community and professional life.

Kelburn Retreat emphasizes the guest’s resilience, recovery processes, not pathology and disease.

Kelburn Retreat Post-Residential Guest Alumni Continuing Support Programs.

Kelburn Retreat guests, families and employers are able to participate in annual and semi-annual events.