A Nourishing Feast 

A scrumptious and nourishing daily feast awaits you.

Our team of professional chefs will serve locally and ethically sourced nutritious meals. Communal mealtimes are just one way that you can relax at the festival, and all included in the ticket price.

All dietary requirements are catered for, please specify when buying your ticket!




Camping with the stress left out. – Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – plus nibbling options, Teas, Filter Coffee and hot water on tap.


We know not everyone is in the headspace for social interactions form dawn til dusk, which is why we have two nearby eating areas with covered options for both quieter introspective dining and social dining. 

Carefully Planned with the Planet in mind

Our menu and catering is planned carefully and ingredients are sourced ethically and with carbon footprint and environmentally conscious decision making at its heart. 
Just bring the essentials:
We are asking all comers to bring a plate, a bowl and cutlery with them, along with a water bottle and cup, and if you have a blend of tea or coffee you can’t exist without, bring it!